Finally.. The MXGP game you always wanted

I have been let down numerous times before with motocross games, but I do have to say that I am already excited for MXGP Pro. MXGP3 was pretty good, but I did find the over all physics lacking in a few areas. Jumps and jumping in general just did not feel right. Casing jumps really didn’t feel right because there were no negative repercussions for bad timing. Leaning forward or backward on jumps had no affect on the jumping among other things. Leaning in turns.. Did that even matter?

Ground deformation was pretty good I thought. While you could form a pretty nice rut, overall I felt that the ruts were sub par for helping (or hurting) you turn a faster lap.

I am excited for MXGP PRO and lucky for me, it will be arriving right around my birthday.


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