Supercross Triple Crown – Go or no go?

I enjoyed the triple crown format. I enjoyed the build up to the day of the triple crown format. It was similar to the monster cup but it still felt fresh for taking place during the regular SX season.  Now having said that, I do not want to see the triple crown format become a weekly event. I thought it brought a great mix to the racing which threw a wrench into many of the riders normal race days. Just look at how many of the top riders were not up front during the mains. The shorter first main caused a sense of urgency in the riders early in the night and it was clear that the intensity was beyond most healthy max heart rates. By the third main, you could see some fatigue set in on some of the riders. It made for some good, unpredictable racing. After main 2, I fully expected Seely to take the over all, but to my surprise, Tomac barreled into the picture and took the top step for the night.

There were some down sides of course. The down time in between the mains were quite lengthy and I could imagine they were terribly long sitting in the stadium. Luckily, I was at the house so I could do something else during make up to mud. Why didn’t they show the entire KTM junior race? We had plenty of time for it, not that I would have truly paid attention to it. But hey, the Mrs. enjoys watching the little ones ride. Regardless, I would prefer seeing the 50’s race versus seeing the same commercial over and over. Not to mention, that if you have ever attended a supercross, you probably noticed that the crowd really gets into the KTM junior race. Blame it on the alcohol maybe?

This was the first attempt at utilizing the triple crown format during a normal race broadcast so of course it was a learning experience for everyone, fans included. The Atlanta supercross will be the next Triple Crown event, but I do not foresee any major changes coming this year. I would imagine that any improvements or changes will be made in 2019. 

The bigger question becomes, what should they try to do for fillers in between the mains? The race teams are the ones that demanded the time in between the mains. This gives the team time to prep the bikes, make changes, and allows the riders to regroup. I personally liked Pulp’s idea of a B-main to allow the guys that didn’t qualify for the night show to race again. I think it makes sense, like the old saying go, “use the tools you have at hand.” The tools that Feld and the AMA have at hand are the 20-30 riders that didn’t make it into the Mains. They have already practiced and they have already paid to enter the race. Why not give them more supercross experience AND give the riders and their sponsors more of a presence? What could be a downside to this?

Instead of a race, they could do a super-pole challenge for any rider that didn’t make the main. Who ever pulls the fastest lap time could win some cash. This could allow the riders more seat time, their sponsors more air time, and it would give the folks at the stadium something to watch in between the mains.

I also think that it may be wise to choose tracks, based on historical data, that break down and get rutted to the point of being unsafe (looking at you Houston) to hold the triple crown races. This would give the track crew plenty of time in between motos to clean things up a bit.

As a spectator and fan, I say the triple crown format was a pleasant change. I would like to see maybe three races become a triple crown events just to add excitement throughout the season. Also, as a fan, I appreciate the promoters trying new things in supercross. I am not saying that supercross is bad the way it is, I just enjoy new things occasionally.

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