A post from a critic.. A motocross critic.

My goal with this blog is to really invite others to engage in discussion in the motocross community. I really enjoy seeing everyone’s point of view on topics and I invite everyone to join in the discussion. This blog isn’t going to be a daily MX news source (go to RacerXonline.com and VitalMx.com for that), but rather a blog about issues and topics that are relevant in the industry. There may be some other non-MX posts as well but I’ll try to keep on track with dirt bikes.

If you have never watched motocross or supercross, I strongly encourage you to give it a shot. It is an extremely exciting/dangerous/competitive/thrilling/nerve-wrecking/family-oriented/bad-ass sport. If you love motocross or are new to the sport please join in the discussion as more blogs are posted.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional writer, blogger, nor a professional in the motocross industry. I am a complete outsider. If there were a class below the D class, that is the class that I would race in. I do not know anyone in the industry and I do not have any inside sources. I am simply a fan that is passionate about motocross.

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